Watch out for the Medicaid Cliff!

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Nov 192018
Watch out for the Medicaid Cliff!

By Sarah Slocum You’re 65 and you’ve worked all of your adult life, saved up a nest egg, earned a pension, saved in a retirement account, and paid into Social Security and Medicare. You have a pretty nice retirement income and lifestyle. Now suppose you need long term supports and services (LTSS) at some point […]

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Oct 182018
What We Know to Do Won’t Be Done and Wouldn’t be Enough! (But We Could Make Eldercare Work!)

by Joanne Lynn Our aging society is a mountain to be moved – a large collective challenge we have to tackle together. Problem is, right now we’re using shovels when bulldozers would hardly do the job. The mountain is reforming how eldercare is delivered and funded. We’ve allowed so many forces to converge over the […]

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Sep 252018
States Move to Chart a Path for More Reliable, Affordable LTSS

By Anne Montgomery and Sarah Slocum On May 4, 2018, the Michigan State Legislature voted to “just do it:” to assemble a group of experts to craft a blueprint for taking the Wolverine State deep into the future of Michigan’s age wave – all the way through the mid-21st century. Specifically, the language requires the […]

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Aug 212018
Pick up the PACE to a New World of Eldercare

By Anne Montgomery, Sarah Slocum and Christine Stanik What do you need to know in order to remain in your own home as the years advance? Where can you turn for good, reliable services in a costly, chaotic, constantly shifting health care system? One possible answer is PACE (the Program of All-inclusive Care for the […]

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Jul 242018
Financial Forecasting for MediCaring Communities

By Anne Montgomery Imagine a meeting in your community — perhaps later this fall or next year — where you assemble a group of like-minded peers: health care providers, organizations offering supportive services, advocates, local leaders, policymakers and other interested stakeholders. You are calling them together because they all have an interest in improving the […]

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Jun 182018

The Program to Improve Eldercare (PIE) at Altarum Institute is preparing to award several small contracts to healthcare organizations, Public Health Departments, Area Agencies on Aging, and community-based organizations (CBOs) to carry out guided planning efforts to improve care for frail elders though more effective use of existing data concerning persons living in their catchment […]

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May 172018
Expanding PACE Opportunities in Our Community

By Sonja Love Felton, LMSW, MPA Executive Director of Huron Valley PACE Huron Valley PACE, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is a young PACE organization – we were established only 4 years ago. However, we’ve been moving quickly since the day we opened our doors. Most readers likely know that PACE is an acronym for Program […]

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Mar 282018

By Les Morgan The following reports were produced as deliverables for our project “Aggregating Care Plans to Manage Supportive Care Services for Elders” (Joanne Lynn, M.D., Principal Investigator).This project is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through Grant GBMF5662 to Altarum Institute. Dr. Lynn will provide a more detailed report on the project […]

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Feb 222018
Through a Glass Darkly: The Community-Based Care Transitions Program Evaluation

By Joanne Lynn and Sarah Slocum “All models are wrong, but some are useful”. – George Box In late November, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released an extensive evaluation of the Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP). ( While the report has some useful points, the primary metrics used to measure performance – […]

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Jan 232018
It Takes YOUR Community Symposium

On December 5, 2017 the “It Takes YOUR Community” symposium was hosted by Altarum’s Center for Elder Care & Advanced Illness in Washington, DC. This post provides an edited videocast of the event and the edited transcript with links to presentation slides as well as a Resource POD. The primary goal of this symposium was […]

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