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This search widget is optimized to look for high-quality content on improving care transitions and patient safety. Enter any search term you like. When the results come back you will see tabs at the top. Select any tab to filter your results to look for content on those issues as they relate to your search.


Install it on your own site!

The Care Transitions Search Widget is a free service that you can install on your own site to help your users find high-quality content related to quality improvement for healthcare systems. It prioritizes search results based on a carefully-selected list of sites that specialize in evidence-based quality improvement for healthcare.

The widget is designed to keep your visitors on your own site, increasing holding times for visits. Results of searches are returned directly to the page on your site where you have the code installed, and are transparently integrated on whatever page design you have. Be sure to test your installation to ensure that search results are being delivered as part of your own page, not as a transfer to Google, which generates the results.

You can see a list of partner sites that are using the widget.

Funding for the Care Transitions Search Widget is provided in part by The Commonwealth Fund.

How to install it

To get the code, just “view source” for the HTML of this page and cut and paste the widget code onto any page you like. You can also get the code directly by viewing or downloading this text file: widgetcode.txt (plain text format)

You can also get the code for the widget by going to a code configurator at the home page for the Care Transitions Search Widget on Google.

For best results, give the widget plenty of horizontal space to display the results. The results come back with horizontal tabs for sub-categories of results. They look best when they have enough room to avoid wrapping, but they will wrap if they need to fit into a tight space.

The code used on this page works fine on small display surfaces such as mobile devices. You can watch a video explaining design issues when using the widget on mobile devices.

You can get up to two hours of free support from Growth House if you want help in assessing how to integrate the Care Transitions Search Widget on your site. Support can include looking at your site design, suggesting an optimal installation strategy, and testing your installation to be sure it works right. To get free consulting support call Growth House at 415-863-3045 (M-F, Pacific time). The free widget was designed by Growth House using Google’s custom search technology. It would be nice if you would credit Growth House as the developer, but you can also just pretend its yours if you want to. We just want it to get used.

The code for the widget has been tested for accessibility issues and passes automatic verification by Cynthia Says:

Cynthia Tested!

Got feedback? Make a comment to! What is your favorite web site for care transitions issues? Let us know and maybe we will add it to the priority list for this search engine.

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