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The Sourcebook Online extracts from Improving Care at the End of Life, our guide to making quality improvement happen in institutional settings.
Handbook for Mortals Online extracts from our authoritative consumer book on end of life care.
End-of-life Care in Medicare  · Why doesn't Medicare payment cover MediCaring Services now?
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Caregiver Guides: Caregiver manuals for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
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 · Download COPD Guide (PDF, 377 KB)
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White Paper: RAND Health White Paper WP-137 (2003) synthesizes a growing body of research on the issue of chronic illness in the last phase of life. It describes the demographic and cost components of the problem, examines gaps in the current health care system, explores some reform measures that are addressing urgent needs, and outlines a vision for adapting the health care system to confront the new reality.
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Congressional Update: June 2003. RAND Health's bimonthly update to Congress on RAND's work in health policy. This issue is a great "one pager" summary of key public policy issues in end-of-life care.
 · PDF format (207 KB)

Medpac Report: Full text of final report on "Medicare Beneficiaries' Costs and Use of Care in the Last Year of Life". Shows how much Medicare has been paying for care in the last year of life, and what types of care were actually used.
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MediCaring Update: MediCaring Project Update, January 2000. Gives overview of the MediCaring Project with recommendations.
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Senate Testimony: Full text of testimony by Joanne Lynn, MD, before the Senate Special Committee on Aging, July 17, 2000. Includes exhibits. Gives an overview of national trends in end-of-life care.
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Sick To Death: Reforming Health Care For The Last Years Of Life
Sick To Death: Reforming Health Care For The Last Years Of Life
Joanne Lynn pulls no punches in her articulate and non-nonsense manifesto for reforming health care for the last years of life. Just a few generations ago, serious illness, like hazardous weather, arrived with little warning, and people either lived through it or died. In this important, convincing, and long-overdue call for health care reform, Joanne Lynn demonstrates that our current health system, like our concepts of health and disease, developed at a time when life was mostly short, serious illnesses and disabilities were common at every age, and dying was quick. Today, health care and community services are not set up to meet the needs of the large number of people who face a prolonged period of progressive illness and disability before death. Lynn offers what she calls an "owner's manual for the health care system," with facts, strategies, and action plans for genuine reform.