Feb 252014

Improving frail elder care lies at the heart of our MediCaring model for comprehensive reform. Our own Dr. Joanne Lynn will be part of the core faculty for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) two-day training seminar on Frail Older Adults: Building a Care System, on April 9-10, 2014, in Chicago. The meeting will cover the major elements needed for clinical transformation and help participants plan the practical steps to implement them.

The conference will build on process change work in communities and populations over the past few years, including both IHI’s work toward Triple Aim in Communities and Altarum’s work with communities on the MediCaring model.

There will be substantial opportunity for one-on-one coaching and group problem-solving. The aim is to bring interested and committed service providers, clinicians, and managers to a strong level of understanding.

Every day the population continues to age. This means that every day a higher proportion of the population require reliable and appropriate services for disabilities and illnesses associated with aging in a health care system that is often inefficient, fragmented, and expensive. Now is the time to change how we provide care for our frail older adults. If you are looking to get a good start in your setting, this is a good way to get underway.

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