Feb 252014

The aging services network must act to ensure that its programs address palliative care needs among people it serves: vulnerable older adults, and people with disabilities, Asst. Secretary Kathy Greenlee said in remarks to a group convened by the Center for Practical Bioethics.  Her opening remarks for a meeting on the State Of Palliative Care focused on the need to include the voices of patients and families in efforts to create more person-centered palliative care, and to ensure that such services are accessible and available, and that consumers are aware of them. She called for more coordinated federal efforts, and challenged the aging services network to build competence in awareness and understanding of palliative care. She also reported that the 2015 survey of older adults served by these agencies will include questions to probe for unmet needs in palliative care. See  her full remarks starting at about 5:00:




key words: aging services, palliative care, person-centered care, advocacy, federal programs

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