Nov 052013

Dr. Leslie Kernisan, a California-based geriatrician, attended Stanford University’s MedX conference a few weeks ago–and describes that patient participation and engagement were the most innovative aspects of the program. She writes about that experience in a recent post for The Health Care Blog, noting:

The most remarkable innovations at MedX related to the conference itself, which was unlike any other academic conference I’ve been to. Specifically, the most important innovations were:

  • Patients present to tell their stories, both on stage and in more casual conversational settings such as meals.
  • Patient participation in brainstorming healthcare solutions and in presenting new technologies. MedX also has an ePatient Advisors group to help with the overall conference planning.

Regular readers of MediCaring might recall hearing about Dr. Kernisan, featured in The New Old Age blog when she decided to test a new geriatric patient-centered care practice–one that withdrew from Medicare.

To read more about Dr. Kernisan’s experiences at MedX, read her full article via The Health Care Blog, where it originally ran on October 25, 2013.


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