Oct 072013

Google made headlines with its launch of Calico, and its intention to address the challenges of aging. With a seeming focus on prevention and cure, though, some experts wonder if the focus is quite right. Geriatrician Leslie Kernisan reflects on this and more in a recent article for The Health Care Blog, where she writes:

“Now, it’s not that I’m against prevention. I would love nothing better than to see most Americans living healthier lives, with more exercise, better eating habits, less obesity, and less stress.

“And of course it will be a wonderful day when we become actually able to cure or stop terrible diseases such as Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s, or cancer.

“But when we perpetually focus on cures and prevention, where does that leave those of us – patients and clinicians — who are struggling to manage multiple chronic diseases and age-related difficulties?”

Dr. Kernisan offers her thoughtful analysis. Her name will be familiar to those who read about her over the summer in the New Old Age, which described her decision to no longer accept Medicare. Kernisan’s assessment of Calico’s focus, and ideas on how to hone it, are worth a read.


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