Sep 192013

Next week, Altarum Institute will host a roundtable, in Washington, DC, and online, featuring leaders and thinkers from the world of elder care. The public is welcome to sign up for a full morning session that promises to include a range of ideas and recommendations for where to head.

The recent wave of proposals to reform the health care system and “bend the cost curve” present a tremendous opportunity to improve care for the fastest growing, most expensive, and least well-served age group in the U.S.—our frail elderly. Americans in advanced old age generally have complex health and social situations, limitations in self-care capabilities, and limited financial and personal resources. Yet the health and social services we need when old and frail are poorly planned, unnecessarily costly, and disconnected. As the nation considers different strategies and policy changes to strengthen and streamline health care, we must also include a special focus on the distinct priorities and preferences that we will have when we are old and frail, as well as those of our family members and caregivers.

Follow this link to register, and for more details about the program and the agenda.


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