Aug 192013

Despite a widespread desire to avoid nursing home care, for many people, especially those who live into late old age and develop multiple chronic conditions or advanced dementias, it becomes an option. This infographic, provided by, aims to describe the situation–today. As the Age Wave comes closer and closer to crashing on the shore of advanced illness, our demand for such services will far exceed their supply. What then? Where will families turn? What other options can we offer or build?

At the Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness, we believe that the time is right to study and implement MediCaring–a comprehensive approach to care for frail elders, built on individualized care plans, increased integration of medical and social services and supports, and the development of community-based authorities to study needs and direct resources. Why do we need MediCaring? This infographic, for one.


Golden Years: Nursing Home Statistics


Key words: nursing homes, long term services and supports, frail elders, advanced illness


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  1. That is a great infographic! Share it far and wide! Altarum blog on this perhaps? – Ken

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