Aug 062013

This summer, doctoral candidate and Somers Intern in  Aging and Long-term Care Policy, has joined us at Altarum Institute Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness. Altarum featured her post, Making the Case for a “Refreshed” (Medi)Care, on July 23 for the Health Policy Forum:

A recent article featured on The New Old Age blog, “Walking Away from Medicare,” describes one geriatrician’s decision to switch gears. She resigned her position as the medical director of a Federally Qualified Health Center and launched her own patient-centered outpatient geriatric practice. The features incorporated by Dr. Leslie Kernisan include making house calls, developing comprehensive care plans that incorporate both medical services and personal aspirations and goals, and using every modern tool to communicate with patients.

To read her entire article:“refreshed”-medicare



Key Words:  New Old Age, Medicare reform, geriatric care, frail elders, costs

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