Mar 242013

We enjoy working with organizations around the country to understand the experiences of family caregivers–and to use that understanding to forge new policies and programs that better serve them, and their care recipients. To this end, our friend, Jan Rabinowitz, has asked us to share the following news with Medicaring friends and followers. We know Jan from her work as Co-President Elect of the Well Spouse Association, a peer-led group that supports family caregivers whose care recipients are their spouses or partners.

Jan is also an independent researcher and Parkinson’s caregiver. She is undertaking a study of Parkinson’s Caregivers and Health Care/Work.  She is seeking those caring for a spouse or partner with Parkinson ’s disease, with the hope that she can use what she learns in  an effort to educate the country about the serious issues these caregivers and their loved ones face.

Please address questions or comments to Jan directly at:  The survey will only take about 10 minutes to complete, and can be accessed here:


key words: family caregivers, caregiving, family caregiving, Parkinson’s disease, Well Spouse Association, survey research

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