Mar 192013

Now that we are back from the weeklong meeting in Chicago, we are brimming with ideas, stories, and connections. With hundreds of sessions from which to choose, it was hard to decide where to go–we wished for Harry-Potter-like abilities to time travel to take it all in.

The common theme to the entire experience was the dedication, commitment, and perseverance of aging services providers and other attendees, and their unwavering focus on making life better for older adults and their families.

The sessions led by Medicaring staff–Judy Peres, Joanne Lynn, and Janice Lynch Schuster–went well and were well-received. Judy and Joanne introduced participants to the Medicaring plan, a five-part approach to redesigning how we care for frail elders. You can read about this in more detail in a post Joanne Lynn wrote for the Altarum Institute Health Policy forum a few months ago:

Janice and Joanne delivered a talk aimed at motivating participants to speak up and speak out–to recognize when things are going poorly in care and services, and to respond in ways that improve the situation. The talk focused on a fascinating theory of community organizing developed by Marshall Ganz of Harvard–public narrative, and telling the story of I-Us-Now to galvanize change.

We would enjoy hearing from others who were at the conference, who would like to share details of their presentations with Medicaring readers. Just send an email to [email protected], and we will respond to you.

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