Oct 102012

Today’s Hartford Foundation blog, HealthAGEnda, features a piece by one of the program officers on her family’s experience of poor direct care provided to her grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s disease. Although there is much to be said for the dedication and commitment of tens of thousands of direct care workers, there are persistent problems in the field, especially in terms of screening and assessing the care they provide. This is an ongoing problem for home health care–and a problem that will grow and persist as the numbers of aging people requiring such care continue to explode. A central issue is the fact that we pay such workers so poorly, and respect them so little. We need to find ways to attract, recruit, and retain high quality direct care workers, in a field that does not now compensate their labors well or respect their contributions. The Hartford blog gives us, as always, food for thought.

Read the blog here: http://www.jhartfound.org/blog/when-healthcare-becomes-personal/

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