Aug 162012

MediCaring enjoyed participating this afternoon in an AARP Twitter chat devoted to issues surrounding family caregiving. The hour-long discussion featured ongoing commentary by an array of followers–from caregivers to clinicians, as well as organizations that serve both. We learned–and shared–a great deal. Of special note was the conversation about the challenges and joys caregivers experience, and how they respond to these. We were struck by a comment regarding the misconceptions around hospice care, and the fear and misunderstanding people associate with it.Our book, Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Seeking Serious Illness seeks to help patients and families understand end-of-life issues, including concerns about enrolling in hospice or palliative care. We also recommended a few other resources to followers, including Take Your Oxygen First, by Dr. James Huysman; and The Conversation Project, a new online resource from Ellen Goodman and the crew at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement ( Both offer excellent resources.

At one point, the topic was trending nationally on Twitter–it resonates with so many people.

Thanks to #AARPFamily for hosting the chat, and to others who contributed ideas and information. You can read the feed itself on at #caresupport.



Key words: AARP Family; caregiver; support; twitter; #caresupport

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