May 062012
Cheryl Woodson and Muriel Gillick at Altarum Roundtable (April 13, 2012)

On June 5, 2012, Altarum Institute will sponsor a roundtable, “Speak Up! Infuential Women Give Voice to the Challenges of Eldercare.” Moderated by Eleanor Clift, the panel will include physicians Muriel Gillick, Cheryl Woodson, and Joanne Lynn, along with policymaker and caregiver advocate, Lynn Alexander. The session, to be held in the Detroit studios of Detroit Public Television, will be recorded and will form the basis of an hour-long documentary. The program runs for a full day, with the roundtable discussion in the morning, and breakout discussion groups in the afternoon. Those not able to journey to Michigan for the event are invited to join the streaming webcast. For details on how to sign up, watch the following video and follow the links at the end.

This video includes outtakes from an April 13 Roundtable held in Washington, DC, and features several of the authors slated for the June program.


Key words: Altarum Institute, policy roundtable, Eleanor Clift, Muriel Gillick, Lynn Alexander, Joanne Lynn, end of life, caregiving, aging, writing


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