Nov 162011

This week’s Colorado Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC) program, Integrating Care for Populations & Communities Learning Session Webinar will be held tomorrow, Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 3:00 pm ET.  This webinar is the seventh presentation in the 10-part series: Navigating Care Transitions: Intervention Opportunities – Next Exit

 The series is designed to give participants an opportunity to hear directly from developers of various care transitions interventions, and to learn more from them about resources, techniques, and tools available for partners to use in their community efforts to improve care transitions.

 Tomorrow’s program will feature Mary Naylor, PhD, RN, who developed the Transitional Care Model, an approach that features an advance practice nurse who helps to coordinate care. Dr. Naylor will speak from 3-4 PM ET. Dial in to the teleconference at 866.639.0744 or join via webinar at, password: community.

A  final schedule of these presentations is posted at:


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  4 Responses to “Webinar Tomorrow: Mary Naylor on Transitional Care Model”

  1. We are a post-acute care provider in south florida and have been practicing a transition care model for around the last 5 years. I really look forward to learning more about how the industry is wrapping their arms around this model as it really does make a significant impact on the patient’s life.

    I’m new to the online community so feel free to reach out to me on twitter @erathjens and linked in eric rathjens.

    • Hi Eric:

      Glad to have you! Please follow us at @medicaring and sign up for our e-alerts at Can you tell me more about your work? Is it something you’d like to blog about for us–about 500 words and posted on the site?

      Thank you,

      • Hi Janice,
        I feel cheated… the notice I set up through google alerts with the tag line of “transitions” or “transitional care” sent me an email today about Dr. Naylor’s presentation via webinar for “tomorrow” but upon further review I realized there was an error so I missed the opportunity to listen to her speak. Is there or will there be a transcript I could read? I’ve recently been introduced to her thought Dr. Lynn and I was hoping to explain a little more about the program I’m running in conjunction with Texas Health Resources and the house calls side of a transitional care model through ANPs. Any way, feel free to reach out to me via when you can and we can take tags from there. Thanks

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