Oct 282011

This just in from ONC on it’s two-week challenge, the activity generated by the 10/14 meeting, “Putting the IT in TransITions”. Groups were asked to get something done to improve transitions within a two-week timeframe. Here’s what ONC has to say:

Last week, we sent you a message with some quick updates and outputs of the October 14, 2011 for “Putting the IT in TransITions” (see below). This week, we would like to remind you to participate in the 2 week challenge (#2WC #ITrans).
Two Week Challenge (#2WC #ITrans): We have requested that everyone identify an action that can be taken by October 28, 2011 to accelerate our progress.  We are looking for quick wins, so anything from setting up a meeting, to creating a best practice video, to reviewing a readmission is encouraged!  Please share your results by 10/28/2011 on Twitter (#2WC #ITrans)! and complete this 10 question post-meeting activity by this Friday. 
Here’s five examples that we have already received (more examples are at the end of this email, responses have been blinded intentionally):
·      Completed a CMS CCTP application in a community, with attention to creating meaningful information tracking, clinical information sharing platform; advised a start up software company developing a care transitions information product.
·      Put together a concept idea to improve notifications of hospitalizations between home health companies and area hospitals via automated technology.
·      Submitted a grant to add to an app we created and include algorithms on transitional care.  A preliminary prototype of this app is being tested now and will be available on the apple store by year’s end.
·      Have shared specific innovative programs as models for IT-enabled care transitions with aging service providers across the continuum of long term care and support services.  As a national organization, we have outreach to over 5,500 not for profit provider organization.
·      Continued work on an HIT enabled palliative care program with an east coast health system and worked on developing scope for a transitions in care pilot site as part of ONC Challenge grant work.
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