Jun 222011

The 10th Statement of Work (SOW) for Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) is now available.

Every state and jurisdiction has a Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) that operates under contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. QIOs are charged with helping providers to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, economy, and quality of services delivered to Medicare beneficiaries. Each 3-year cycle of the QIO contract is referred to as an “SOW” (Scope of Work); this spring, CMS released the RFP for the 10th SOW. At a March meeting in Baltimore, MD, CMS staff presented information on the 10th SOW, describing its vision and scope, and how it differs from current work. That program can be downloaded here: http://www.cms.gov/QualityImprovementOrgs/Downloads/10thSOWSlides.pdf

The new SOW includes features and programs that are of interest to organizations seeking to improve care transitions. In particular, QIOs will be under contract to recruit communities and to provide Medicare claims analyses and assistance in coalition organizing so that many communities can improve transitions. All communities will be welcomed into the QIO’s statewide Care Transitions Learning Network.   In addition, the QIOs can pick a small number of communities in which to work much more closely.     The 10th SOW contracts start in August 2011 and must focus on improvements that yield reductions in readmissions, admissions, and costs for fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries. You may read the original RFP on CMS’ website or by following this link:


Dr. Joanne Lynn has reviewed the RFP and summarized  key points in an outline which may be downloaded here as a Microsoft Word file:

About the QIO contract for the 10th SOW (Microsoft Word .docx format)

Key Words: QIO, 10th SOW, CMS, community-based, RFP

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