Apr 272011

Download our new overview of the Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP), which provides funding for improving hospital discharges. This summary by Joanne Lynn covers an overview of how Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) can improve hospital discharges by getting funding under Section 3026 of the Accountable Care Act.

Download: Summary of the Community-based Care Transitions Program (.docx Word 2010 format)

The summary includes some initial recommendations on how to make the program work, specific comments on how the CBO must be set up, what a “root cause” analysis is and why you need one, requirements for informed consent, and who you should target. Pay special attention to the section on what determines funding past the first two years, which first and foremost demands evidence of improvement. Aside from that no-brainer, other criteria include whether or not the coalition complied with all the other requirements, and evidence that the members of the coalition play well together. The overview summarizes the outcome and process measures that have been published by CMS so far.

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